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Khojaly Documentary: Between hunger and fire - Power at the expense of lives [Chodschali, Xocali]

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Описание материала:

http://1992khojaly.wordpress.comA new documentary film about the events between November 1991 and February 1992, telling about the breakthrough of the blockade of Stepanakert (capital city of Nagorno Karabakh Republic), as well as criminal activities of the political elite of Baku which led to the tragic deaths of civilians in Khojaly. A two-part documentary, entitled "Between hunger and fire: Power at the expense of lives", presents a bunch of compelling evidence about criminal activities of the political elite of Baku, which victimized women, elderly and children.The research group, which initiated the film-investigation, reports that the documentary for now will be launched in Russian and English, while 7 more language translations will follow soon.Utilizing a huge number of documentary materials, the film will be of interest not only for wider audience, but also to research and expert community. The archive, assembled during the investigation of tragic death of civilians in Armenian-populated Stepanakert and Azerbaijani-controlled Aghdam region, entails grounds for wider-scaled documentary projects. The latter will shed light on a range of traditional speculations and manipulations by Azerbaijan, which was tasked to deport the civilian population of Nagorno Karabakh Republic from their ancestral homeland. • 1988 (February): Sumgait pogrom (up to 100 Armenians killed) • 1988 (November): Kirovabad pogrom (more than 130 Armenians killed)• 1990 (January): Pogrom of Armenians in Baku (at least 70 Armenians killed)• 1992 (April): Maraga Massacre (at least 45 Armenians killed)

Длительность материала: 00:07:47
Автор: 1915AGHET
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